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Hadoop 2.2.0 with YARN Installation

Apache Hadoop presents the user with a vast ecosystem of tools and applications. For those familiar with Hadoop version 1, there are two core components; the Hadoop Distributed File System and the integrated MapReduce distributed processing engine. Hadoop YARN is the new replacement for the monolithic MapReduce component found in version 1. The scheduling and resource management have been separated from the management of MapReduce pipelines. While Hadoop version 2 with YARN still provides full MapReduce capability and backwards compatibility with version 1, it also opens the door to many other “application frameworks” that are not based on MapReduce processing. The acronym YARN is short for “Yet Another Resource Negotiator,” which is a good description of what YARN actually does. Fundamentally, YARN is a resource scheduler designed to work on existing and new Hadoop clusters. The seemingly trivial split of resource scheduling from the MapReduce data flow opens up a whole n…

Flume and Hive for Log Analytics

There's a lot to learn from log data, but to get the most value from it, that data needs to be easy to collect and analyze. Otherwise, time that could be used to learn from data is spent writing parsers and transport components. In this entry we'll simplify log collection and transport using JSON serialization and parts of the Hadoop ecosystem. 

Logging everything in JSON is a great idea. As serialization formats go it's engineer-friendly: you and your favorite programming language can both read it. Moreover, having all of your log data structured as universal data structures makes getting started with analytics much simpler. To illustrate how much simpler, we'll take JSON logs written to a flat file, stream them into HDFS, and expose them via Hive for exploration and aggregation.
The Preliminaries We're going to use three components to put our system together:
A flat file that's collecting JSON data. Assume entries look a bit like this: {&quo…